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2013Fabrication and adhesion analysis of bio-inspired hierarchical nano- and micro-structured fibrillar surfacesLi, Weiqun
2009The fabrication and characterization of BiFeO₃nanotubesHo, Kam-wa
2001Fabrication and characterization of ferroelectric field effect transistorSo, King-sing
2006Fabrication and characterization of gallium nitride based heterojunctions etched by photoelectrochemical wet etchingGao, Jie
2002Fabrication and characterization of insulating-film/phosphor-film/insulating-film heterostructuresYeung, Kai-ming
2012Fabrication and characterization of nano/microhole Si photovoltaic cellsZhao, Yingqi
2005Fabrication and characterization of oxide-ion conducting thin filmsSze, Mo-kun Boscope
1998Fabrication and characterization of pulsed laser deposition of La1-xCaxMnO3 based heterostructuresLeung, Yau-shing
2000Fabrication and characterization of sol-gel derived (KxNa1-x)0.4(Sr0.6Ba0.4)0.8Nb2O6 (KNSBN)Lai, Brian
2019Fabrication and characterization of transparent oxide thin filmLam, Ka Kin
2012Fabrication and characterization of ZnO-based light-emitting diodesLuk, Chi-man
1997Fabrication and nonlinear optical properties of SBN/PC 0-3 nanocompositesKok, Tak-wing
2007Fabrication and optical characterization of epitaxial strontium barium niobate films for waveguide applicationsLang, Zhong
2013Fabrication of bioactive titanium oxide coating on nickel-titanium using plasma electrolytic oxidationSiu, Hin Ting
2014Fabrication of CZTS and ZnO nano-rods for solar cell applicationChan, Heung Tang
2012Fabrication of flexible electrodes for photovoltaic applicationsWong, Chiu Po
2016Fabrication of metallic textiles assisted with polymer brushesYan, Ka Chi
2010Fabrication of microengineered polyethylene glycol (PEG) hydrogel for cell alignment and elongationJing, di
2002Fabrication of MnO and CoO films using pulsed laser deposition techniqueLam, Ping-shun
2000Fabrication of nitride and oxide films using pulsed laser deposition techniqueChan, Hon-kit Robin