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2020Primings and translations: keyword analysis from a corpus-driven approachZhang, Gao
2018Promoting L2 English learners' reading abilities through computerized dynamic assessmentYang, Yanfeng
2020Promoting performing arts in Hong Kong – the use of evaluative language in programme leafletLee, Suk Han
2020Second language processing of metaphoric collocationsShi, Jinfang
2020Sensory lexicon, sensory modalities and lexical categories in Mandarin ChineseZhong, Yin
2019Structural priming in L2 acquisition of English relative clausesWei, Ran
2021Student engagement with supervisory feedback on undergraduate thesesLuo, Yuehan
2019A study of two English translations of Fusheng Liuji : from a cognitive stylistic perspectiveWang, Runlang
2021A study on the translators’ styles in the English translations of Er Ma : a corpus stylistic approachWu, Kan
2018Synesthetic metaphors in Korean textsJo, Charmhun
2018A systemic functional perspective on Rabindranath Tagore's Stray Birds and its Chinese translationsMa, Yuanyi
2021Towards norms in two translations of Hong Lou Meng : a corpus-based studyWu, Chunming
2021Understanding student engagement with teacher and peer feedback in a translation course for Chinese English majorsChen, Ying
2019The use of deliberate metaphors in teaching economics in higher educationGuo, Anqi
2021Women’s identity construction and self-branding through social media : a multimodal analysis of Chinese wanghong girls’ video-sharing practice on TiktokWang, Yilei