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2016An analysis of prodromal symptoms leading to a stroke from a pathographic perspectiveChan, Sunshine
2022Application of virtual reality for peritoneal dialysis exchange learning in patients with end-stage renal disease and cognitive impairmentLee, Mi Suen Connie
2023Biochemical Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) prediction for prostate cancer patients receiving MR-guided radiotherapy using multi-modality radiomicsWong, Tsz Lung
2018Biomechanical effects of body postures in performing cardiopulmonary resuscitationHo, Sung Hon
2009The biomechanical property of the foot-ankle complex and the balance performance for people with diabetes mellitusChau, Mei-wa Rosanna
2023Cell-free circulating tumor RNAs in plasma as the potential prognostic biomarkers in colorectal cancerKan, Chau Ming
2015Clinical audits among nurses in Hong Kong: scale development and normative profilesHo, Wai Ching Trudy
2022Clinical evaluation of fiducial marker pre-planning for virtual bronchoscopic navigation implantation in lung tumour patients treated with cyberknifeKu, Ki Man
2022The cognitive attentional syndrome (CAS) in Hong Kong people with depressionLam, Chiu Kim
2020Comparison of cerebral blood flow velocity and cerebrovascular resistance estimation using cranial ultrasound imaging for early prediction of outcomes in preterm neonatesLuo, Qiu
2021Continuous clinical assessment : an interpretive description of the experience of mentors and students in pre-registration nursing educationLee, Po Man
2014A correlation study among the orthotic treatment effectiveness, compliance to spinal orthosis and health-related quality of life of the patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) in the initial treatment periodChan, Siu Ling
2008The critical thinking of expert and novice nurses in an acute orthopaedic setting in Hong KongLi, Fung-yee Teresa
2019Decision of patients with chronic back pain for spinal surgery : an exploratory studyLam, Wing-kuen William
2022Deep learning to reduce scan time and radiation dose in myocardial perfusion imaging SPECTTang, Chung Ting
2019Detection of driver mutations, particularly KRAS exon 2 in CD166-positive colorectal carcinoma and adenoma cellsWong, Hung Lai
2013Detection of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus using a gold nanoparticle-based colourimetric assayChan, Wai Sing
2017Detection of pre-intradialytic hypotension during haemodialysis in patients with end stage renal diseaseChan, King Yu
2009Determinants of activity performance and participation in preschool children with developmental delayLeung, Po-kam
2019Determinants of hearing aid adoption and use among Chinese elderly in Hong KongNg, Ho Yee