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2019Decision of patients with chronic back pain for spinal surgery : an exploratory studyLam, Wing-kuen William
2022Deep learning to reduce scan time and radiation dose in myocardial perfusion imaging SPECTTang, Chung Ting
2019Detection of driver mutations, particularly KRAS exon 2 in CD166-positive colorectal carcinoma and adenoma cellsWong, Hung Lai
2013Detection of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus using a gold nanoparticle-based colourimetric assayChan, Wai Sing
2017Detection of pre-intradialytic hypotension during haemodialysis in patients with end stage renal diseaseChan, King Yu
2009Determinants of activity performance and participation in preschool children with developmental delayLeung, Po-kam
2019Determinants of hearing aid adoption and use among Chinese elderly in Hong KongNg, Ho Yee
2023Developing a framework for sustainable occupational therapy private practice : an exploratory studyChow, Shelley Merril
2019Developing local core sets for persons with spinal cord injury in the long-term context based on the international classification of functioning, disability and healthChan, Po Shan Alice
2009Development and validation of a brief screening tool for detecting intimate partner violence in Hong Kong emergency departmentsChan, Chi-chung
2012Development and validation of a spiritual assessment scale for cancer patients in Hong KongLi, Ching Man Lucia
2018Development of a simplified emergency trauma score for rating injury severity and predicting mortality in emergency settingYuen, Suk Yin Margaret
2009Development of interactive dietary intake portal with digital imagesChung, Ming-yan Louisa
2014Dietitian-led intervention on weight loss and quality of life of overweight and obese patients in primary careYeung, Yuk-mei Mimi
2023Disease burden of chronic low back pain on the individual and the healthcare system of Hong KongLeung, Ka Lun Kenneth
2016Dissemination and transferability of health promotion interventions in Hong KongTang, Mei Yee
2021Does colour still matter? A qualitative inquiry of health-seeking behaviours among South Asian ethnic minorities and its implications for health policy and practice in Hong KongLeung, Sik Yee
2016The effect of a Facebook-based weight management program for obese working adults in Hong KongLai, Kam-wa Dennis
2023Effect of caffeine on ocular circulation in high myopesLaw, Kwai Mei
2018Effect of Qigong on balance, fall efficacy, physical functions and psychological wellbeing of people with strokeYuen, Shuk Man