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2012Kinematic study of serve velocity of Hong Kong elite tennis playersWong, Kam Hung Francis
2015A kinetic study of anticipatory postural adjustments in adults with and without spastic diplegic cerebral palsySu, Yuen Wang
2023Knowledge, attitude and perception of undergraduate students toward medical laboratory accreditation : a prospective cohort studyMa, Victor
2010The lived experience of being dignified for elderly Chinese residents in a private nursing home in Hong KongTiu, Mei-ha
2017The lived experience of community nurses forming a professional identity in healthcare reform : a hermeneutic phenomenological studyChan, Mee Kie Maggie
2023The mechanisms underlying poor attention and working memory performance in older adults with chronic low back painZhou, Zhixing
2023A model assessing the interpersonal competence among occupational therapy students in Hong KongWong, Lik Hang
2022Molecular detection and genomic epidemiology of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 in Hong KongWong, Chun Wai
2017Motor recovery of the severely impaired paretic upper limb after intensive mirror therapy in sub-acute strokeChan, Wing Chiu
2018New strategies for culture recovery, identification, and susceptibility testing of bacteroides fragilis group organismsYau, Chong Yee Miranda
2020Newly graduated nurses’ intention to leave in their first year of practice in Hong Kong: a longitudinal studyLam, Choi Hing
2012Nurses' preparedness, readiness and competencies for critical incidents to meet the needs of vulnerable clients in Hong KongFung, Wai Man Olivia
2017Oculomotor training improves reading eye movementSa, Kai Bong
2009A phenomenological study of family presence during life-sustaining interventions in an accident and emergency departmentHung, Shuk-yu
2013A phenomenological study of the care challenges of family living with frail older persons in the last months of lifeLau, Tak Yin
2023Plasma RNA profiling in patients with colorectal cancer using NanoString-based platformTsang, Hin Fung
2011Possible association between obstructive sleep apnoea and development of normal tension glaucomaChong, Sze-lok Gabriela
2019Predicting factors for outcomes of conservative treatment in patients presenting with carpal tunnel syndrome in an out-patient occupational therapy clinicChu, Man Lai Mary
2020Prediction of home discharge in early acute phase of rehabilitation after hip fractureChow, Hoi Wan Intonia
2018Preserving the limbs muscle bulk for patients with critical illness on mechanical ventilation in ICULee, Chun Kit