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2014Obamacare encourage businesses to hire more people ? : an analysis of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama's use of rhetorical questions in the 2012 US presidential election campaignWong, Ming Chiu Steven
2013On the importance and standardization of C-E translation of public signs from the perspective of functionalismQuan Shuainan, Carrie
1998Optimization of cold pad batch dyeing via Taguchi methodsLee, Chi-shing
2014Parents', students' and teachers' views on private supplementary tutoringChan, Chung Ho Windy
2021Patients’ perceptions about online medical consultations (OMCs)Li, Biyun
1995Peer revision in a business English writing classPotter, John
1998The perception of community work approach by the frontline workers of the outreaching social work teamsChan, Wai-leung
1995The perception of residents in halfway house towards social support and its implication to their decision of moving out of the houseFok, Chin-cho Charles
2020The performance of EFL students with different sensory learning style preferences under e-learning contextLiao, Zhongwen
2015Perspectives on Hong Kong students' attitudes to English accentsChui, Sze Ming Trace
2014Pictorial scaffolding : building functional constituency know-how within Hong Kong primary schoolsFrancis, James Randall
2017The portrayal of female characters in the comic book version and film version of the avengersPedregosa, Feerica Capayas
2014Pragmatic marker "you know" : a quantitative survey on its functions and role in spoken discourseYung, Hing Wah Amos
2001President Jiang Zemin's encounter with the media : a conversational analysis of the communication exchanges between President Jiang and the media (of Hong Kong and the United States)Tsang, Phyby
1997Problems of description, variation and usage of connectives in EnglishChen, Julia Siu-wah
2000The product development of the maternity clothes for the Hong Kong pregnant women in the period from 3rd trimester to postpartumChan, Choi-pik Joan
1996A psychosocial approach to understanding girls' runaway behavioursLam, Yee-mi Amy
1998A qualitative study on casework supervision in handling suspected child abuse casesChan, Sheuk-ting Seretta
2002Quality improvement project on social work service in special child care centreLeung, Suk-ching Doris
1996The questioning behaviour of Hong Kong English teachers at lower secondary levelLee, Kwok-keung Simon