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2000The value migration in the semiconductor industryLaw, Chun-fai
1995The value of corporate image in the retail banking business in Hong KongLam, Hang-ngo Catherine
2001A web-based expert system for touristChow, Kin-man
2001A web-based system supporting tourist risk systemHo, Benjamin
2003Which survey is best suited for your needs? : a comparative evaluation of the major compensation and benefits surveys in Hong KongChan, Sau-shing Samson
1997Will loan sale become popular? : a study on the current status and future development of home mortgage securitization in Hong KongPo, Siu-ling
1999Work stress and coping strategies amongst officers of Hong Kong police forceTam, Chi-wah Willer
1993Workbase improvement team (WIT) : a study of the factors affecting staff to participate in WIT in the Operations Engineering Department of the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway CorporationTang, Kit-shing David
2007YM 煤業集團多元化戰略研究劉向薇; Liu, Xiangwei
2004上海小企業發展模式研究許慧敏; Xu, Huimin
2004世紀星城項目可行性研究單義忠; Shan, Yizhong
2004中国上市公司财务危机预警模型及其应用于凱軍; Yu, Kaijun
2004中国民营企业向国内和海外市场竞争战略 : OEM/ODM/OBM 民营企业 : 珠海市天健飲水设备有限公司为例潘海天; Pan, Haitian
2004中國南方航空集團公司發展問題研究 : 基於營銷方向的戰略思考李軍; Li, Jun
2003中國品牌服裝企業入世後的走向 : 一個企業的個案研究呂月華; Lu, Yuehua
2003亞星, 還能走多遠? : 對一個中國領先石材企業的思考李翼翔; Li, Yixiang
2003企業內部重組後的企業文化重新定位及實施欒蘭; Luan, Lan
2003企業發展戰略 : 深圳燃氣集團個案研究郭加京; Guo, Jiajing
2003入世後中小企業發展路向 : 一個玻璃企業個案研究韓元鋒; Han, Yuanfeng
2003公司發展戰略研究華燁; Hua, Ye