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2005Acoustical canyon effect in built environmentsLee, Heung-wing
2014Acoustical insertion loss of a modified plenum window in different configurations and settingsYim, Jack Tsz Hong
2006Acoustical performance of multipurpose hallChan, Kai-kwan
2020Analysis for lightning protection in building electrical systems by using FDTD methodsMei, Chenhao
2020An analysis of an university facilities maintenanceLeung, Hau Wai
2022Analysis of electromagnetic environment inside residential buildings due to lightning strike using FDTD methodsLeung, Siu Ting
2018Analysis of the techno-economic performance of the rooftop photovoltaic system in a university library buildingLi, Chuangyi
2011Analyzing the building services maintenance data of a hotelChau, Ho-yung
2011Annual energy consumption comparison between variable air volume system and liquid desiccant based air conditioning systemFeng, Qinghua
2006Annual total household energy requirement profile for residences in the subtropicsChan, Yuen-tung
2005The application of air purification system in an air-conditioned spaceKwan, Ho-sum Chris
2019Application of building-integrated semi-transparent photovoltaics (STPVs) in typical Hong Kong office buildingLeung, Tsz Yan
2016Aspects on fire detection system for high speed railway systemsDu, Xianpeng
2018Assessing the indoor air quality of university toiletsWang, Qiuchen
2021Assessment of localized fire behaviors in large open-plan compartmentsZhang, Ming
2022Assessment of thermal energy storage system with PCME as both heat transfer fluid and storage mediumMok, Ching Wah
2022Assessment on fire behaviors in large open-plan compartmentsLau, Cheuk Fung
2019Assessment on the impact of non-auto start air conditioning systemJiang, Jiaqi
2015Association rule mining in building automation data for building managementChen, Gang
2015BAS integration and remote monitoring of campus building systemsCheng, Chung Yip