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2015Intelligent control of chiller plant for energy conservationLiu, Lizheng
2020Interaction between zero energy system which includes metro station, train and a taxi charging stationYang, Xinrong
2016Inventories of greenhouse gases of water systems for buildingsLin, Jing
2019Investigate an optimization control between daylight and LED lighting in a commercial buildingTsui, Zhong Heng Henry
2017Investigate on the effectiveness of health and safety measures on construction site in Hong KongTso, Yat Ho
2016Investigating the enery performance of condensate-based evaporative cooler in DCDV systemOu, Dingtian
2017Investigation and calibration of close-loop proportional dimming lighting deviceYang, Kin Ho
2012Investigation into the application of a solar-assisted air-conditioning system in Hong KongMo, Man Ki Aggie
2014Investigation into the application of a solar-assisted air-conditioning system under different weather conditionsGong, Yixin
2012Investigation of energy performance and optimal control of variable primary flow systemGuan, Jing
2015The investigation of energy saving and thermal comfort by using heat pipe in air-conditioning systemChang, Yu
2008Investigation of energy saving by using optimal stop strategy in a high-rise buildingLiu, Ya
2021Investigation of feature selection schemes for building energy modelingWang, Na
2008Investigation of higher order mode transmission loss in a rectangular air duct with no flowLeung, Kwan-hao
2022Investigation of meteorological condition and outdoor thermal comfort in Hong KongPoon, Kai Yiu
2015Investigation of packing type of dehumidifier/regenerator in liquid desiccant air-conditioning systemWang, Yalin
2021Investigation of partition screen in preventing airborne transmission of COVID-19 in study roomYeung, Cheuk Yin
2022An investigation of the adaptive behavior for water showering of occupancy in domestic apartmentChan, Lok Man
2019Investigation of the effects of park configurations and surrounding buildings on thermal comfort of the urban parkLi, Renzi
2023Investigation of the impacts as direct lightning strikes on the electrical vehicles by using FDTD codeWu, Kongjie