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2015Investigation of packing type of dehumidifier/regenerator in liquid desiccant air-conditioning systemWang, Yalin
2021Investigation of partition screen in preventing airborne transmission of COVID-19 in study roomYeung, Cheuk Yin
2022An investigation of the adaptive behavior for water showering of occupancy in domestic apartmentChan, Lok Man
2019Investigation of the effects of park configurations and surrounding buildings on thermal comfort of the urban parkLi, Renzi
2023Investigation of the impacts as direct lightning strikes on the electrical vehicles by using FDTD codeWu, Kongjie
2005An investigation of the lighting quality in Hong Kong classroomsYeung, Sau-shan
2020Investigation of the microclimate characteristics and outdoor thermal comfort of different underlying surfacesWang, Jia-jing
2018Investigation of the techno-economic performance of photovoltaic systems in rooftop and façade areas of educational buildingsShi, Ke
2007Investigation on automatic commissioning of air-conditioning systemCheng, Kai-tat
2007Investigation on condensation problem in sport center : case study : Tai Po Hui Sport CenterSiu, Yan-kit
2020Investigation on energy saving potential of novel coating cool roof for buildings in ChinaWu, Tingfeng
2014Investigation on ground coupled heat pump application in the Guangdong regionSun, Jiaju
2010Investigation on low delta-T symptom and building energy performanceShang, Jingfang
2007Investigation on mismatch loss caused by shading in building-integrated photovoltaic systemsCheng, Wai-ching
2010Investigation on simulating the performance of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) by using EnergyPlusChan, Tsz-ying Jason
2013Investigation on the actual power output of building-integrated amorphous photovoltaic claddingsLiu, Hongyu
2010Investigation on the defrosting characteristics of an air-to-air heat pump under different operation conditionsYao, Ting
2019Investigation on the effectiveness of luminance measurement using HDR imaging technologyLeung, Chin Yu Teresa
2023An investigation on the indoor environment quality and its relationship with individual comfort in the library self-study roomsZhang, Yukun
2011Investigation on the performance of multi-junction solar cellsChiang, Yan-yi