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2019Performance analysis and optimization for retro-commissioning : a case study on the chiller plant of a university buildingChan, Chun Yu
2017Performance analysis of a counter flow liquid desiccant dehumidifier using different packing materialsTang, Yuhao
2015Performance analysis of air handling processes with decoupled cooling and dehumidificationChow, King Sang
2014Performance analysis of liquid desiccant dehumidification systemYau, Tin Yuet
2015Performance assessment and optimization of the chilled water distribution system in International Commerce Centre (ICC)Gao, Yunhai
2021Performance assessment of building integrated spectrally selective radiative cooling systemYeung, Ting Lung
2023Performance evaluation of colored CdTe thin film solar panelsSun, Yuhang
2018Performance evaluation of different air cleanersCheng, Tsz Ki
2015Performance evaluation of extra low temperature air-conditioning systemNg, Ting Fung
2017Performance evaluation of using UVGI for air disinfectionZeng, Wei
2005The performance of coupled resonators in the presence of turbulent flowsLi, Wai-man
2007Performance of glazing systems with improved visual performanceChan, Hoi-yee Angela
2012Performance simulation and analysis of temperature and humidity independent control air-conditioning system using Energy-PlusJing, Shuangzhan
2008Performances of the a new thermal storage material combined with chilled-ceiling systemHan, Yu
2015Personal water consumption benchmarks for Mosaic groups : take Hong Kong as an exampleLi, Yaoming
2017A PMV based controller for a direct expansion air conditioning systemNiu, Jiajia
2015Power generation from grey water in high-rise buildingsTu, Ran
2007Prediction of flow-generated noise produced by in-duct elementsAu, Wing-man
2007Prediction of thermal comfort levels in a rectangular shape room with basic heat transfer theoriesMak, Cheuk Wai
2006Preference towards alternative workplaceTang, Ming-hang