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2006Combining a room air conditioner and a standalone room air dehumidifier for better indoor thermal comfort condition and higher energy efficiencySze, Wing-hong
2007Compact fluorescent lamps : user acceptability and power qualityLuk, Wai-hang Desmond
2009Comparative study of energy consumption and indoor thermal comfort of traditional air-conditioning systems and DOAS-integrated systemsWu, Yongle
2022A comparative study of facility management performance of PolyU buildings using key performance indicators (KPIs) before and during Covid-19Chow, Sze Man
2021A comparative study of phase change materials and water based on experimental heat storage systemMa, Jie
2018Comparison and energy management of the two students hostel of the Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityCheung, Chee Wang Derek
2016Comparison of design methods for water supply in high-rise buildings : a multi-method case studyHuang, Jiahuan
2014Comparison of sprinkler operation between experiments and numerical simulation using FDSWang, Yao
2019Comparison of the sleeping thermal environment between convection-based system and bed-based heating system powered by air source heat pump technology in winterChen, Qingxin
2022Condensation mass rate on a vertical metal plate with superhydrophobic/hydrophilic treatment under natural convection in the moist airYang, Linyun
2008Control and performance evaluation of a two-evaporator air conditionerJiang, Lingyun
2018Control of a direct expansion air conditioning system with adaptive predicted mean vote as regulatorLiu, Shengnan
2016Control of sound transmission in a duct using Helmholtz resonatorsWang, Denghui
2013Cooling load reduction with stratified air distribution system in officeLai, Chun Chung
2021Cost benefit of demand limiting control in campus buildingFeng, Jinfeng
2005Daylighting glare in premises with windowsLiu, Yee-mei
2019Demand and development of intelligent building facilities in student apartmentsLi, Yunjun
2006Demand controlled ventilation for improving energy and environmental performanceLi, Xinhui
2018Design of a hybrid PV-EV (electric vehicle) system to enhance the energy flexibility of a single-family ZEB (zero energy building) houseZhang, Yiting
2014Detailed account of personal water consumption in Hong KongIp, Chun Hang