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2016An ideal window ratio for energy saving with integration of daylighting, electric lighting and air-conditioningWang, Xin
2023The impact of natural ventilation on indoor air quality at different height in Hong KongChen, Yunyi
2017The impact of neighborhood environment on noise annoyance perception of dwellersLin, Tianfan
2023The impacts of buildings’ orientations on building energy consumptionDeng, Meiqi
2023Impacts of lightning-Induced over-voltage on vehicle charging pileTian, Yiming
2021Implementation of MST model for analysis of thermal comfort environment in showeringChiu, Sin Long
2018Improvement of a new adaptive controller for the variable speed direct expansion air conditioning system with an emphasis on system stabilityTse, Yau Ki
2013Improving sound transmission loss across ventilation window by active noise cancellationTsui, Kwong Lam
2017Improving the energy efficiency of ground source heat pump system in winter by auxiliary heat sourceZhao, Dongyao
2014In-situ energy and environmental performance assessment of CO₂-based demand controlled ventilationJiang, Weilong
2023Indoor environment quality impact on students’ concentration in self-study area – a case study of a university libraryYe, Songhua
2016Indoor environmental quality in construction site officeLeung, Chi Wai
2022Indoor propagation modeling for 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks using FDTD methodTong, Yuefeng
2020The influence of hospital’s outdoor natural ventilation on surrounding residence based on CFD simulationHe, Yubei
2021The influence of the arrangement of air supply outlets on indoor air quality in an office room based on CFDZhang, Xiya
2013Influence of trees on the pollutant concentrations in urban street canyon-numerical simulationLu, Feifei
2020Input analysis for developing data-driven building energy prediction modelsZhao, Lige
2015Intelligent control of chiller plant for energy conservationLiu, Lizheng
2020Interaction between zero energy system which includes metro station, train and a taxi charging stationYang, Xinrong
2016Inventories of greenhouse gases of water systems for buildingsLin, Jing