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2016Scattering of sound by the balcony in an auditoriumWang, Zhuoxuan
2010Seal trap performance in high-rise drainage systemsFu, Chen
2016Seasonal underground cold storage system for air conditioning in cold climate regionsDong, Ji Shuai
2019Sensitivity analysis in energy use of a new hotel building for building environment assessmentFung, Wing Man Erica
2009Simplified assessment of indoor air quality in air-conditioned offices in Hong KongLeung, Chung-ho Jacky
2012Simulation and evaluation of control strategies for air conditioning system using TRNSYSChan, Ian Yee Tung
2015Simulation and experimental investigation on the optimal tilted angle of photovoltaic shading-type systems in Hong KongLi, Sa
2009Simulation and measurement of outdoor environment of public housing development in Hong KongWong, Ching-to
2014Simulation and optimization of advance glazing systems to reduce energy consumption for office buildings in Hong KongLi, Kuangyi
2017Simulation of air flow of building exterior by using computational fluid dynamicsKang, Kai
2009Simulation of sky radiator with thermal storage for natural coolingLi, Shujing
2016A simulation study on reducing total nighttime cooling load in a subtropical bedroom by applying phase change material (PCM)/vacuum insulation panel (VIP) coupling system in the building envelopesFang, Guanyu
2020Simulation study on the arrangement of condensing units impact on the operation performance of air conditioning in typical Hong Kong residential buildingsHe, Jin
2019Simulative studies in individual heating consumption in typical residential buildings in South China during wet and cold climateSu, Jiarui
2021Simulative study of indoor electromagnetic environment of isolated house struck by lightning with FDTD methodHe, Anni
2011Site test and validation of free cooling strategies for optimized energy performance in a super-high-rise buildingLang, Jun
2015Smoke stratification studyMan, Chi Hon
2011Solar hot water heating for residential buildingsSha, Chao
2019The solar-driven membrane-based seawater desalination systemOu, Chenghao
2011Solid state lighting : energy efficiency and lighting qualityCho, Ka-ming