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2014A phenomenological study of psychiatric advanced practice nurses' role perceptions in the current healthcare structureFung, Yuen Ling
2003Phone-interview version of barthel index : a study of its validity and utilityLeung, Oi-chu Sharron
2003The photocatalytic degradation of alachlor and dicamba in TiO2 suspensionWong, Chi-chung
2001The photodecay of TCE in surfactant solutions with and without the presence of acetone and additional hydrogen sourcesChoy, Wing-ki
2009Photodynamic inactivation : a novel antimicrobial treatment to multi-drug resistant pathogensTang, Hi-mui
2017Physical behavior based debugging : test and fault localization on cyber-physical systemsHuang, Enyan
2010Physical properties of (Zn, Mg)O thin films and related heterojunctionsWong, Hon-fai
2006The physiochemical properties and biocompatibility of poly-3-hydroxyalkanoatesCheng, Yin-chung
2021Piezo-phototronic effect in 2D III-VI compound based heterostructures for optoelectronic device applicationsZhao, Yuqian
2001Piezoelectric actuators for ultrasonic wire bonding applicationsTang, Kwan-wai
2003Piezoelectric coefficients of ceramic thin filmsTsang, Chin-wah Rodney
2003Piezoelectric pressure sensors for microelectronic packagingChoy, Siu-hong
1999Piezoelectric properties of III-V nitridesLueng, Chiu-ming
2007Piezoelectric transducers for nebulizer applicationXu, Wencheng
2021Plant metabolomics for classification of two Isodon medicinal plants and red ginsengYuen, Chui Ying
2000Plasma control in deep penetration laser weldingTse, Hon-chung
2016Plasmon-enhanced upconversion emissions from lanthanide-doped nanocrystals hybridized with metal nanoparticlesHe, Jijun
2020Plasmonic nanohole array with strong mode coupling for hot carrier generationWong, Yat Lam
2012Plasticity enhancement of bulk metallic glasses by metal electroplatingChen, Wen
2003Policy-related risk pattern in property development in China mainlandTsui, Yik