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2007TiO2 coating on NiTi by low-temperature methods for enhancing corrosion resistanceWong, Man-hon
2013To investigate the effects of Long's Manipulation (LM) for patient with chronic mechanical neck pain : a randomized control trialLin, Jian-hua
2011To study the effect of laser irradiation on the properties of cotton fabricChow, Yim-ling, Florence
2012Tone merger in Guangzhou CantoneseOu, Jinghua
2021Too futile to speak up? How voice implementation can increase employee perceived efficacy of voiceHu, Xiaofei
2004Tourism in Hong Kong and Singapore : policies, mutual learning and collaboration opportunitiesWong, Po-yee Emma
2012Toward a comprehensive model of the consumer ethical decision making process : an examination of regulatory focus and ethical ideologyZou, Wenli
2018Towards self-tuning parameter serversLiu, Chun Yin
2002Trade-off between temperature and air-movement for reducing air-conditioning energy use in residential buildings in Hong KongLeung, Wai-ho Wil
2023Trans-spinal electrical stimulation for improving trunk and sitting function in tetraplegics with cervical cord injuryTharu, Niraj Singh
2014Transdermal microneedles patch for painless and regulated drug delivery across skinWong, Wai Kit Anthony
2015Transformation of urban historic districts into tourism and recreational attraction areas : a tale of two case studies in ChinaZhong, Shiyun
2021Transformation optics and topological phases of chiral photonic crystalsLau, Ting Wai
2000Transformations of spatial representation in scale dimensionChoi, Yuen-hang
2012Transition metal-catalyzed cyanation and isocyanation of aryl halides and sulfonatesYeung, Pui-yee
2019Transmission electron microscopy characterizations with in situ electrical manipulations on two-dimensional materialsWong, Lok Wing
2007Trapped-energy high-frequency piezoelectric resonatorsWong, Hon-tung
2000Travel motivation and touristic activities of senior leisure travelers to Hong KongHui, Leung-leung
1998Travelers' beliefs of importance and perceptions of hotel attributes in the Hong Kong hotel industry : a multivariate approachChu, Kai-sin Raymond
2015Tunable plasmonic devices in gold/dielectric nanostructuresNg, Ki Fung