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2007Arrangements of medical savings accounts and equity in access to health care : assessing two MSA programs in ChinaHuang, Jie
2008Articulatory-feature based pronunciation modelling for high-level speaker verificationZhang, Shixiong
2002Artificial intelligence in portfolio managementWong, Chi-cheong
2007Artificial intelligence integrated construction simulation methodChan, Wah-ho
2013Assessing rehabilitation needs of caregivers of people with schizophrenia in Hong KongLi, Ming Yee
2014Assessment and treatment of biomechanical properties of foot and mobility disorder in elderly with type 2 diabetesNg, Ka Wai Thomas
2009Assessment of articular cartilage using optical coherence tomography and high frequency ultrasoundWang, Shuzhe
1999ASYNMPU : a fully asynchronous microprocessorTse, Ming-chi Jamin
2009Atmospheric transport and deposition of trace metals in remote reservoirs of the South China coastal regionJiang, Xunyi
2019Atomic scale structure variations at ferroelectric domain walls in multiferroic BiFeO₃Leung, Man Ho
2018Atomic view of chalcogenide-based resistance switching memoriesKo, Tsz Wai
2016An attempt to become masters : the oral history of Jiangnan Shipyard workers in the 1950sLiang, Jingting
2009Attributes and impacts of film tourism development : perceptions of visitors and local residentsLam, Chi-chiu Samuel
2008Auditing organizational knowledge assets : case study in a power company of Hong KongShek, Wah-yan
2012Authenticating moving spatial queriesYung, Ka-Wai
2000Automated form readingChu, Kim-ching
2014Automatic incident detection under no-rain and rain conditionsLi, Xiangmin
2019Automatic preposition for an integrated virtual fitting solution using human model customisation technologyLi, Runze
1999The automation of quantity measurement for building services projectsTse, Tao-chiu
2023Auxiliary supervision for regularizing deep learning based image classificationYan, Zipei