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2022GelMA hydrogels as tissue engineering scaffoldsPiao, Yun
2012Gender in factory life : an ethnographic study of migrant workers in Shenzhen FoxconnDeng, Yunxue
2007Gene delivery using core-shell nanoparticlesSiu, Yuen-shan
2005Gene expression data and cancer correlation analysis by Emerging Pattern Based Projected ClusteringYu, Tsz-him
2014General Regression Neural Network based time series modelling for prediction and analysis of construction equipment maintenance costsYip, Hon Lun
2004Generic methodology for the design and development of an intelligent optimization systemLeung, Wai-kei
2006A genetic algorithm based approach for clustering categorical dataLee, Ho-kei Sean
2007Genomic sequence search and clustering using Q-gramYuen, Man-chun
2008Giant magnetostrictive composites for smart transducer and actuator applicationsLo, Ching-yin
2002GIS aided multi-level fatal traffic accident analysis in Hong KongNg, Kwok-suen
2023Global dynamics and spatial patterns of a ratio-dependent preytaxis model driven by the accelerationMu, Shuhao
2024A gold@graphene oxide biosensor based on plasmon-enhanced fluorescent and fret for intracellular detection of microRNA in differentiating T cellsLam, Ching Ying
2012GPU accelerated hot term extraction from user generated contentCheng, Ming Fung
2024Gradient-wise optimization for distributed machine learningWu, Feijie
2015Graphene nanomaterial based fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) Biosensor for biomolecule and cell detectionShi, Jingyu
2018Graphical models and its estimation in time series analysisYuen, Tsz Pang
2010A grounded theory study on leave-stay decision making of abused women in abusive relationshipKong, Sui-ting
2002A group of adolescent girls' life experience and development in Hong KongFisker-Nielsen, Anne Mette
2007Group processes and therapeutic factors in chronic disease self-management programLung, Pui-yee
2005Group-based data and location management in mobile environmentsLam, Hoi-kit