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2018Handwriting performance among kindergarten children in Hong KongTse, Fung Ling Linda
2016Hardware/software codesign for performance and lifetime enhancement in NAND-flash-based embedded storage systemsChen, Renhai
2007Harmonics regulation and mitigation in low-voltage distribution systems of large buildingsYuan, Zhenhuan
2022Hazards, vulnerabilities and responses of Chakma indigenous people : a case study from Rangamati districts in Bangladesh in the period of Covid-19 pandemicGarai, Joydeb
2018Health care predictive analytics using artificial intelligence techniquesWang, Guanjin
2007Health monitoring and vibration control of steel space structuresChen, Bo
2003Heat and moisture transfer and clothing thermal comfortWang, Zhong
2014Hedges and intensifiers used by the former financial secretary in Hong KongLeung, Chi Kong David
2020Helical composite yarn actuators with a wide range of working temperatureZhang, Ziheng
2020Helping teams to adapt : an investigation of the intentional team adaptation processYue, Chen
2015Heritage tourists' perceptions of authenticity, its antecedents and consequenceNguyen, Thi Hong Hai
2021Heterogeneous chemistry of N₂O₅ and CINO₂ in China : implications for parameterizations, particulate nitrate formation, and impact on atmospheric oxidative capacityXia, Men
2018Heterogeneous information fusion in network embedding for data mining applicationsXu, Linchuan
2022Heterogeneously integrated microelectronic systems on one-dimensional circuit board for wearable applicationsLiu, Su
2004A heteromorphic paradigm for networked production systemWang, Qing
2019A heuristic model for mode-locked fiber lasersZhang, Xianting
2016Heuristic search algorithms with applications to path planning on uneven terrainsMarasinghe Arachchige, Nuwan Ganganath
2014Heuristic-engineering-statistical approach for chiller optimizationMak, Cheuk Wai
2019HEVC based screen content coding and transcoding using machine learning techniquesKuang, Wei
2014Hierarchical architectures and learning algorithms for multi-label image classification and scene categorizationChen, Zenghai