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2016Achieving integrity : a study of the stories of six social work teachers in Mainland China on their identity formationFok, Siu Ling
2012Activism beyond borders : the study of trans-border anti-sweatshop campaigns across Hong Kong and mainland ChinaXu, Yi
2022Addressing the resonance : narratives of migrant social workers working with young migrant workers in ChinaChen, Ka Kit Timothy
2014Administrative skills for social workers : an exploratory study on what is taught? What is practised?Wong Fung-yee Margaret
2015Adolescents' experiences of living in poverty and implications for social work practiceWong, Kwai Yau
2019Advocacy in social work practice and education in Hong Kong : how can it be learnt?Cheung, Kin Sum
2022Age-friendly environments (AFEs) and their influence on psychological well-being and mental health among older Chinese adults in ShanghaiZhou, Jiajia
2011Agrarian change in an east Chinese villageJiang, Hongda
2012Aligning measures of impulsivity with underlying constructsCheung, On Chu
2020All join together for better rehabilitation : an exploratory study on interprofessional collaborative practice in home care rehabilitation service in Hong KongLo, Kai-yeung Kaiser
2023Alternative to development: an ethnographic study on a social experiment in rural ChinaLan, Xi
2014Asset-based and capacity-building in postdisaster Sichuan : community social work intervention in rural ChinaMa, Yuna
2016An attempt to become masters : the oral history of Jiangnan Shipyard workers in the 1950sLiang, Jingting
2010Behind the curtain walls : lifeworlds of migrant construction workers in BeijingLeung, Hoi-shuen
2015Between national mobilization and social responsibility : a case study of Red Cross Movement in ChinaCheng, Yuanjun
2018Beyond categories : cultural identity practices of children of Chinese migrants living in SpainRobles-Llana, Paloma
2022Capital and habitus in shaping the educational expectation of migrant children : --a mixed-methods research in ShanghaiDing, Qifan
2015Capital flow to the countryside : agrarian change and rice production in ChinaChen, Yiyuan
2019Childhoods in Ghana : understanding the work of NGOs as cultural brokers and translators in childhood constructionYeboah, Sampson Addo
2022Chinese customary adoption : birth control policy, family adoption triangle, and individual experience in contemporary rural ChinaMeng, Ling