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2016Achieving integrity : a study of the stories of six social work teachers in Mainland China on their identity formationFok, Siu Ling
2012Activism beyond borders : the study of trans-border anti-sweatshop campaigns across Hong Kong and mainland ChinaXu, Yi
2014Administrative skills for social workers : an exploratory study on what is taught? What is practised?Wong Fung-yee Margaret
2015Adolescents' experiences of living in poverty and implications for social work practiceWong, Kwai Yau
2019Advocacy in social work practice and education in Hong Kong : how can it be learnt?Cheung, Kin Sum
2011Agrarian change in an east Chinese villageJiang, Hongda
2012Aligning measures of impulsivity with underlying constructsCheung, On Chu
2020All join together for better rehabilitation : an exploratory study on interprofessional collaborative practice in home care rehabilitation service in Hong KongLo, Kai-yeung Kaiser
2014Asset-based and capacity-building in postdisaster Sichuan : community social work intervention in rural ChinaMa, Yuna
2016An attempt to become masters : the oral history of Jiangnan Shipyard workers in the 1950sLiang, Jingting
2010Behind the curtain walls : lifeworlds of migrant construction workers in BeijingLeung, Hoi-shuen
2015Between national mobilization and social responsibility : a case study of Red Cross Movement in ChinaCheng, Yuanjun
2018Beyond categories : cultural identity practices of children of Chinese migrants living in SpainRobles-Llana, Paloma
2015Capital flow to the countryside : agrarian change and rice production in ChinaChen, Yiyuan
2019Childhoods in Ghana : understanding the work of NGOs as cultural brokers and translators in childhood constructionYeboah, Sampson Addo
2016Chinese feminists and advertisements : identity construction through media consumptionOlivotti, Francesca
2016Client satisfaction with residential services amongst children and adolescents with social and emotional maladjustmentNg, Wing Tung Peter
2014Community currency as agents of development change : an actor-oriented sociology of developmentDaito, Jun
2013Compensating for disability identity through marriage : a grounded theory study on married women with disabilities in a southwest Chinese townshipYang, Jing
2004The concept of youth and youth policy : a discursive analysisTse, Tak-man