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2001Accessibility of office buildings and exterior environment under the influence of the Disability Discrimination OrdinanceLi, Tak-chuen
2005Acoustical canyon effect in built environmentsLee, Heung-wing
2014Acoustical insertion loss of a modified plenum window in different configurations and settingsYim, Jack Tsz Hong
2006Acoustical performance of multipurpose hallChan, Kai-kwan
2003Active control of sound transmission into enclosure through a panelLau, Siu-kit
2012Aeroacoustics of merging flows at duct junctionsLam, Chi Yan Garret
2011Air ventilation assessment of typical Hong Kong residential buildingsHou, Ying
2008Analysis of exponentially decaying pulse signals and weak unsteady signals using statistical approachChan, Chun-man
2003Analysis of the electricity demand trend in HKSAR in relation to energy efficiency of commercial buildingsLee, Sung-kong
2018Analysis of the techno-economic performance of the rooftop photovoltaic system in a university library buildingLi, Chuangyi
2005Analysis on the fire safety aspects for tunnels in Hong Kong with mathematical modelsLi, Shuk-man Jojo
2000An analysis on the performance of ice storage systems with the 'series arrangement - ice store priority' configurationWu, Siu-lam
2011Analyzing the building services maintenance data of a hotelChau, Ho-yung
2011Annual energy consumption comparison between variable air volume system and liquid desiccant based air conditioning systemFeng, Qinghua
2006Annual total household energy requirement profile for residences in the subtropicsChan, Yuen-tung
2000Application of "alternating officing" strategy in improving the delivery of patient service - from theory to practiceLaw, Chi-keung Tarcisius
2005The application of air purification system in an air-conditioned spaceKwan, Ho-sum Chris
2007Application of fire dynamic simulator on the performance of a typical refuge floor in Hong Kong's residential buildingsWong, Kwong-ming
2008Application of MPCM slurry with cooled ceiling to realize a low energy building designWang, Xichun
2001Appropriate workplace strategies in Hong KongTam, Sau-ngan Kanas