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2020Adopting multiliteracies pedagogy in teaching Chinese as a second language to university students at the preliminary levelChau, Chi Ping
2017The American dream meets the Chinese dream : a corpus-driven analysisHou, Zhide
2020Asynchronous collaborative writing: a study of the revision history of English wikipedia articlesYung, Hing Wah
2020Brand narrative by global airlines on social media: tellership, tellability and interactionZhang, Min
2018Chinese character-based theory and vocabulary knowledge in teaching Chinese as a foreign languageZhang, Dandan
2019Chinese dou as a distributive operator in event pluralityCheng, Meng
2019Co-cultural analysis : exploring the intercultural communicative experiences of different co-cultural groups in Hong Kong and CanadaChung, Sau Kwan
2016A comparative study of the English translation of the legal terminologies in Chinese statutory lawsWei, Heng
2019A corpus study of an online cancer support group : how are topics and emotions expressedChan, Ka Wai
2021Corpus-based analysis of lexical bundles in strategic plans of top 50 universities in Asia and the WestIm, Siu Wo
2020A corpus-based comparison of the academic essay writing of British and Hong Kong studentsMorrall, Andrew John
2016A corpus-based genre analysis of corporate annual reports : Sony and PanasonicUrawa, Chie
2021A corpus-driven study on the discursive construction and realisation of U.S. and Chinese CEO biographiesChan, Shou San Susan
2021Discursive construction of blended identity by coaching professionals on the internetChoi, Takming Andrew
2015Discursive constructions of corporate identities by Chinese banks on Sina Weibo : an integrated sociolinguistics approachFeng, Wei
2021Effects of L1 prosody and phonetic variability on second language perception of Mandarin tones by Thai and Indonesian speakersChow, Wen Chun
2017Evaluating the relationship between vocabulary knowledge and listening comprehension in English as a foreign languageHan, Dongjing
2021Explicit and implicit instruction, and individual differences in L2 Korean phonological rule learningSim, Sin Ae
2014Formal ontology for linguistic semanticsPease, R. Adam
2015Formalising clarification speech acts for discourse analysis of a corpus of court interpretingCheung, Lai Fan Jennifer