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2003ACTION 進入醫藥商業管理軟件銷售市場可行性研究報告王己任; Wang, Jiren
2003Adaptation and firm performance : the moderating role of firm sizeKwong, Siu-ling
2003Adoption of Internet banking : an empirical study of personal and corporate customers in Hong KongLam, Yiu-chau David
2003The adoption of online shopping : a study on Hong Kong and the United KingdomKwan, Chun-kau Leo
2004Adoption of vendor managed inventory systems in the aviation industry : an empirical analysisOr, Suk-fun
2005An analysis of logistics planning important for retail industry : a case of beverage company in Hong KongChan, Suet-ying Zoe
2010Analysis on current challenges and trend of classification societiesTang, Yingyan
2009Application of DEA to the efficiency evaluation of major container terminals in ChinaLin, Yu
2004Application of six sigma strategy in logistics fulfillmentLeung, Sau-fong Phyllis
2009An application of the unfolding model of voluntary turnover in ChinaTsang, Yuk-kwan Alfred
2007Applying RFID in logistics management : perception of telecommunication service providersCheung, Kam-fun Anita
2005Applying service-profit chain : an empirical investigation in the logistics industryChoi, Shu-kit Joe
2007Appropriate emotional display at work and climate for service : a multilevel study of Chinese retail sales associatesLau, K. K. Peter
2003BDCC 公司策略廖慶偉; Liao, Qingwei
2004BFZQ 華強北路營業部客戶滿意度研究報告牛秋芳; Niu, Qiufang
2008Brand equity and cost of capitalChing, Siu-ming Vincent
2001Brand image and brand loyalty : the case of auto-repair services in Hong KongYung, Yiu-wing Paul
2010BtoB 销售人员的大五人格、客戶导向与工作绩效的关系 : 服務氛围的调节机制方迎; Fang, Ying
2004Business intelligence supports for management processYu, Tai-tei