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2017The effect of FtsZ inhibitors on the B-lactam resistant activity in methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureusCheung, Kwan Choi
2002Effect of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor and ciliary neurotrophic factor on motoneuron survival and regeneration after spinal root avulsionWong, Wai-man
2000The effect of male accessory sex glands on embryo development and implantation in the golden hamsterJiang, Haoyuan
2011The effect of microwave irradiation on the structure of selected plant tissuesChen, Qun
2013The effect of perchlorate and dodecyl sulfate on the electrochemical generation of ruthenium (IV) oxo speciesSo, Ming Him
1998The effect of quercetin and vitamin E on iron induced and hydrogen peroxide induced lipid peroxidation of rat brain mitochondria membraneTse, Lai-wa Denise
2006The effect of ultrasound on conventional solvent extraction and supercritical fluid extractionZhao, Shuna
2020Effective adsorptive removal of heavy metal ions by aggregated MoS₂ nanoflakes with edge site exposureChan, Kwan Shing
1998The effectiveness of biological preservatives and modified atmosphere packaging in preservation of Sparus macrocephalus, Pomadasys hasta and Lutjanus johniKwong, Lap-chi
2000The effectiveness of preservatives and modified atmosphere packaging in preservation of penaeus monodon (tiger shrimp)Lo, Man-yi Cindy
2019Effects of dietary chitosan-selenium nanoparticles (CTS-SeNPs) on zebrafish (Danio rerio) immune systemXia, Fan Ivan
2000Effects of long-term swimming exercise on cellular iron metabolism in ratsXiao, Desheng
1998The effects of molecular association on mutual diffusionChen, Nong
2002Effects of ultrasound field on the catalytic kinetics of stem bromelainSze, Chui-ling
2003Effects of ultrasound on cell growth and secondary metabolite production in plant cell culturesLin, Lidong
2006An efficient approach to chiral ferrocenyl ligands via asymmetric hydrogenation of ferrocenyl ketonesLam, Wing-sze
1999Electrospray Ag (I) cationization mass spectrometryNg, Kwan-ming
2005Electrosynthesis of hydrogen peroxide in room temperature ionic iquids and in situ epoxidation of alkenesTang, Chi-yung Michael
2005Electrosynthesis of molecularly imprinted polymer films on quartz crystal microbalances for the detection of some biomoleculesHong, Shuangjin
2003Elemental, infrared and proteomic analysis of Ling Zhi (Ganoderma Lucidum)Chan, Yan-ying