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2021High-dimensional tests based on random projection approachLiu, Changyu
2021High-dimensional varying-coefficient models for genomic studiesNg, Hoi Min
2018Hypothesis testing for two-sample functional/longitudinal dataYang, Jin
2017Immersed finite element methods for the multi-layer porous wall modelZhang, Huili
1999The implementation of supplier managed inventory programNgan, Kai-tai
2003Index of fit for identifying statistical distributionsLeung, Suk-kuen
2012Integrable Ermakov structure in nonlinear continuum mechanics and opticsAn, Hongli
2015Integrated lot-delivery supplier-buyer inventory model with demand-driven production rate for exponentially deteriorating itemsWong, Wai Him
2023Inverse problems of time-fractional differential equations : analysis and numerical methodsZhang, Zhengqi
2013The inverted bivariate and multivariate loss functions : properties and applicationsTsoi, Sze Leong
2015Inverted probability loss functions and its applicationsYau, Ka Ho
2014An investment model with mean-field targetHou, Danlin
2016Large eddy simulation and experimental analysis of a swirl-stabilized flame under preheated and/or stratified conditionsFooladgar, Ehsan
2010Large eddy simulation of buoyancy effects on turbulent premixed combustionWu, Yingyan
2018Learning with centered reproducing kernelsWang, Chendi
2022Linear discriminant analysis with high dimensional mixed variablesYang, Zhongqing
2022Linear maps preserving certain unitarily invariant norms of tensor products of matricesZheng, Run
2016Linear quadratic mean field games of forward-backward stochastic systemsWang, Shujun
2021Linear quadratic social optima and mean field gamesQiu, Zhenghong
2014Lower-order penalty methods for nonlinear optimization and complementarity problemsTian, Boshi