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2009A study of effective relative permittivity/permeability of a composite containing dielectric/magnetic inclusions by using analytic methods and numerical simulationsChan, Man
2010Study of electrical and magnetic properties of LCSMO thin filmsJiang, Yong
2007Study of HfAlO high-k gate dielectric thin films on compressively strained Si1-xGexCurreem, Salman Kin Kee
2004Study of HfO2 based high-k gate dielectric thin films grown by pulsed laser depositionLee, Pui-fai
1999A study of holographic and electronic speckle pattern interferometry methods of nondestructive testing on PZT componentsCheng, Wing-yin
1999A study of ion-beam-deposited B-C-N ternary systemChan, Kai-fung
2008Study of lead-free piezoelectric ceramics for transducer applicationsTam, Wai-keung
2005Study of magnetoelectric composites for sensor and transducer applicationsLi, Tongle
2012A study of multifunctionalization of fluorescent nanoparticle probesWong, Hon Tung
2002Study of multilayer piezoelectric transformersWong, Nga-yan
2014Study of organic solar cells based on functional materialsLiu, Zhike
2005Study of piezoelectric transducers in smart structure applicationsLam, Kwok-ho
2005Study of proton irradiated 56/44 mol% P(VDF-TrFE) and P(VDF-TrFE) MEMS transducersLam, Tin-yan
2004Study of proton-irradiated poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) copolymersLau, Sien-ting
2001Study of PZT multilayer piezoelectric transformersZhang, Yu
2010Study of self-focused piezoelectric transducer for liquid ejectionHon, Sau-fong
1998Study of stepped horn transducer for ultrasonic wire bondingLiou, Chi-wa
2006The study of structural, dielectric and pyroelectric properties of SBN compositional graded filmYum, Tsun-yu Cosmo
2011Study of the magneto- and electro- properties in an all-oxide junction deviceLi, Ming-kei
1999A study of the mechanical properties of rattan canesLeung, Kin-yi