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2009Capacitance effect on spin-torque oscillators with thermal fluctuationGuan, Bo
1998Carbon implanted titanium nitride filmChan, Wai-keung
2019Characterization of 2D heterostructuresChan, Ka Ho
2000Characterization of a short carbon fiber reinforced new modified bismaleimide composite with special reference to bearing applicationGu, Chin
1998Characterization of new glass fibre reinforced modified bismaleimide compositesNg, Yeung-fat
2012Chemical and biological sensors based on organic electrochemical transistorsLin, Peng
2011Chemical synthesis and characterization of bismuth ferrite nanostructuresFei, Linfeng
2019Co-precipitation synthesis of lanthanide-doped nanoparticles for sensing applicationsWong, Yuen Ting
2000Computer simulation and statistical characterisation of the microstructure of hard-sphere-filled composite materialsChau, Kwong-ming
2000Computer studies on the effective dielectric constant of hard-sphere-filled composite materialsYau, Yuk-kwan
2005Conductivity and interfacial charge induced phenomena in ferroelectric films and compositesWong, Chung-kwan
2018Controllable doping and anisotropic properties of two-dimensional materialsXu, Kang
2016Controllable growth and heat-transporting properties of two-dimensional materialsLin, Ziyuan
1998Corrosion and protection of magnesium alloy AZ91 and its Al2O3-reinforced compositeChan, Wing-man Manliza
1999Corrosion protection of Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets by organic coatingsLi, Tak-wing Danny
1998Corrosion protection of NdFeB permanent magnetsCheng, Chung-wai
2017Coupling between the properties of smart materials and light emissionChen, Li
2013Critical behavior of the random-bond clock modelWu, Pak Hong Raymond
2007Deposition parameter dependence of hydridation-dehydridation effects of bilayered magnesium-nickel/palladium thin filmsTang, Yu-ming
2019Design and fabrication of lanthanide-doped upconversion particles for optical applicationsWang, Ting