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2008Fabrication of single crystal based phased array medical imaging ultrasonic transducersLi, Heng
2017A facile electrochemical method to synthesize nickel composites for high-performance energy storageLiu, Yan
2021Fano resonance in picosecond ultrasonicsLai, Kwan To
2019Fast, broadband and self-driven photodetectors based on Pt or Pd-TMDsZeng, Longhui
2005Ferroelectric domain study by piezoresponse force microscopyZhao, Xin
2020Ferroelectric oxides with high piezoelectricity and low band gap for solar energy harvesting applicationsChan, Man Kit
2018Ferroelectric relaxor ceramics with tunable photoluminescence propertiesSun, Hailing
2018Ferroelectric resistive switching for non-volatile memory applicationYau, Hei Man
2008Ferromagnetic metal-polymer nanocomposites for magnetic sensing applicationsKwong, Ho-yin Anthony
2012Ferromagnetism in carbon-doped ZnO thin films and nanostructuresWei, Changsong
2014First principles calculation of LaAlO₃/SrTiO₃interfacial transport propertiesLo, Wing Chong
2016Flexible all-solid-state supercapacitors for self-powered nanosystemsJin, Huanyu
2000Fluoropolymer thin film dip coating thickness measurement and controlIp, Yan-sang George
2013Functional thin-film transistors based on hybrid materialsSun, Zhenhua
2017Gap plasmon resonances in metal film-coupled nanoparticles for enhanced photoluminescence and nonlinear optical emissionLi, Guangcan
2008Giant magnetostrictive composites for smart transducer and actuator applicationsLo, Ching-yin
2017Graphene/manganese oxide composites for energy storageQian, Jiasheng
2018Growth and characterization of electron-pinned defect-dipole-induced colossal permittivity thin filmsTse, Mei Yan
2010Growth and characterization of LuFe₂O₄ thin film by pulsed laser depositionLiu, Jun
2009Growth and characterization of magnetoelectric and multiferroic oxide thin filmsZhang, Jinxing