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2005Semiconducting properties of oxide thin films prepared by pulsed laser depositionLam, Ching-yee
2009Sensors based on organic thin film transistorsMok, Sheung-man
2000Sensors for ultrasonic bonding process controlChiu, Siu-san
2007Silver-loaded titania nanocomposite for antimicrobial applicationCheung, Sing-wai
2014Simulation and characterization of semiconductor GaAs compatible ferroelectric devices for monolithic integration technologyMak, Kwong Wai
2007Simulation of electromechanical properties in ferroelectric thin filmsChung, Wing-yee Winnie
2009Simulation of low frequency electromechanical responses of ferroelectric ceramicChow, Ching-kin Simon
2000Single particle Monte Carlo simulation of carrier motion in semiconductorTang, Tim
2009Solid polymer electrolyte and its composites with functional ceramicsChau, Kam-hong
2002Sorption behaviour of radiocaesium in soilsCheung, Yin-ping Irene
2003Spectroellipsometric study of lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate (PMN-PT) thin filmsTsang, Wa-sze
2017Spintronic devices based on metal dichalcogenides materialsWong, Wang Cheung
2002Strained island formation in heteroepitaxyLee, Chun-kin
2009Structural and dielectric properties of epitaxial perovskite titanate thin filmsWu, Zhenping
2004Structural and electrical properties of MnO films grown by pulsed laser depositionSin, Wai-lun
2001Structural characterization of nitride and oxide films grown by pulsed laser deposition techniqueNg, Kam-pui
2000Structure and electrochromic properties of tungsten oxide filmsWong, Ho-yin Aaron
2009Studies of ferroelectrics films using micro-Raman spectroscopy and photoluminescence measurementsYao, Yingbang
2002Studies of PMN-PT/polymer compositesLam, Kwok-ho
2000Studies of PZT/EPOXY and PMN-PT/EPOXY composites for ultrasonic transducer applicationsCheng, Kei-chun