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2005A socio-cultural analysis of creativity in capitalism : a case study of an advertising agency in Hong KongChung, Chi-leung
2006A sociological analysis of social exclusion : the case of new immigrants in Hong KongChan, Mei-ha Gloria
2004A sociological analysis of urban renewal in Hong KongWong, Shek-hung
2001Special features of small NGOs and adoption of coping strategies to subvention reduction : the CEOs' perceptionChang, Siu-wah
2008State, nationality and local politics in rural China : 60 years of Benglanhecao village張和清; Zhang, Heqing
2010A study of the mechanism of social capital development : the case of Sham Shui Po child-friendly networkChan, Wing-ki
2002Study of the regular intake system in family services centre : integrating the concepts of solution-focused brief therapy to enhance intake effectivenessLee, Yuen-fong
2007A study of the self-construction of Chinese women artists and the influence it brings to their everyday life experience in the social and cultural context of Hong KongSze, Yuen Jannie
2000A study on stress and coping of parents with adult children with mental handicapTsui, Kwan-yin Frankie
2009A study on the changes of life mode and livelihood strategies of laid-off workers and the unemployed of state-owned enterprises in a community of Beijing郭偉和; Guo, Weihe
2000A study on the relationship between adolescent new immigrants' adjustment in school and self-esteemLui, Wai-ling Irene
2011A study on the relationship between parental religious involvement and child development in Hong KongYeung, Wai-keung Jerf
2009A study on the social interactive process of the marginalization of juvenile delinquents in Shanghai: Taking the Juveniles under Community Corrections as an Example費梅苹; Fei, Meiping
2018Teaching and learning strategies in fieldwork supervision for sub-degree social work students in Hong KongChan, Yuk-sim
2014Towards a practice model of balanced scorecard for social service organization in Hong KongLeung, Tsan-kuen
2005Towards a theoretical framework for an indigenous value base for social work practice : a conceptual explorationCheng, Yuk-tin Carl
2015Tumbler in tidal wave : the professional stance of social workers under managerialismLai, Hung-sing
2016The uncommon sense in youth work : a study of practice wisdom in social work relationship with young peopleCheung, Chun-sing Johnson
2001An understanding on the struggle for autonomy in heterosexual relationship of deviant girlsHon, Siu-wan
2014Urban development discourses in Mainland China : a case study of collective nail-house protest in W cityLi, Ni