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2015Capital flow to the countryside : agrarian change and rice production in ChinaChen, Yiyuan
2019Childhoods in Ghana : understanding the work of NGOs as cultural brokers and translators in childhood constructionYeboah, Sampson Addo
2016Chinese feminists and advertisements : identity construction through media consumptionOlivotti, Francesca
2016Client satisfaction with residential services amongst children and adolescents with social and emotional maladjustmentNg, Wing Tung Peter
2014Community currency as agents of development change : an actor-oriented sociology of developmentDaito, Jun
2013Compensating for disability identity through marriage : a grounded theory study on married women with disabilities in a southwest Chinese townshipYang, Jing
2004The concept of youth and youth policy : a discursive analysisTse, Tak-man
2008Conceptions of physical child abuse in China : listening to children and their parents on parental child battering in BeijingQiao, Dongping
2008Conditional spaces and infinite possibilities : Hong Kong lesbians and urban spatialitiesTang, Tse-shang Denise
2013Conditions for building mentoring relationship : a study of "Beijing intensive community mentoring"Yao, Kin-hing Paul
2004The construction of 'participation' in the China-development workTsang, Yuk-lan
2000The construction of collective identity : a study of the housing protests in Hong KongLeung, Chi-yuen
2005The construction of equal opportunity and gender equality in the workplaceSuen, Sui-wan Teresa
2016Cosmopolitanism as normatively guided paradigm : a study of green living in Hong KongNg, Sai Kit Felix
2014Couple relationship matters: direct and indirect effect of inter-parental relationship on adolescent mental healthFok, Hung Kit
2004A critical study of social work management, with particular reference to the moral dimension of social work practiceChan, Kun-sun Joseph
2000Cultural adjustment and help-seeking pattern of the Nepalese youth in Hong KongChan, Chi-yiu
2016Cultural politics of the veil : women, the body and neoliberalism in the Chinese Islamic revivalGong, Jin
2015Dajiangyou : media practices of vernacular creativity in postdigital ChinaDe Seta, Gabriele
2015Developing an integrative model of control : implications for psychological functioningWu, Chi Hang Wesley