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2020Lattice boltzmann simulation of heat and mass transfer process in falling film based liquid desiccant air conditioningLu, Tao
2002Life cycle energy analysis & cost evaluation of a hotel buildingLeung, Chi-fai
2011Light pollution caused by building façade lighting and signs attached to buildingsLo, Chung-yun Juan
2013Lighting calculations for LED systemsYao, Cheng
2019Lighting in living, study or working places and possible energy saving pointsHo, Kwan Chun Casey
2021Lightning protection for large-scale photovoltaic systemsZhang, Yang
2010Lightning protection, earthing and bonging systems in buildingsChow, Lap-yan Ryan
2013Lightning surges on vertical structuresWang, Xinghua
2009Lightning-caused disasters and lightning protection in China : past, today and tomorrowZhan, Lei
2012Lightning-caused surface charge/current density on metallic roof of structureChan, Siu-keung
2007Lightning-induced impulse magnetic fields in high-rise buildingsZhou, Qibin
2013Localization and characterization of noise sources in urban environment by microphone array signal processingTam, Kai Chung
2014Locating sound source in the presence of reflectionsShi, Fangdi
2019Long-term performance analysis of a GSHP system in northern ChinaXu, Shiyuan
2003Machine condition monitoring by time : frequency analysis on start up and shut down signalsLau, Wing-keung
2007Magnetic field shieldingTsang, Wai-bong
2014Magnetic field shieldingFeng, Yangqing
2018Magnetic field shielding for transformer roomNg, Kin Chiu
2017Maintenance cost of centralized hot water system in Hong KongMan, Siu Pan Stephen
1999Maintenance strategies of grade A office buildings in Hong KongWong, Kin-pui