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2014Modeling rebar labor productivity in hot weatherYi, Wen
2021Modeling supply chain resilience in industrialized construction in Hong KongEkanayake Mudiyanselage, Anushika Chathurangi Ekanayake
2023Modelling and optimization of high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cellXia, Lingchao
2018Modelling and optimization of solid oxide cells for energy conversion and storageChen, Bin
2009Modelling competition intensity in construction marketYe, Kunhui
2007Modelling individual contractors' bidding decisions in different competitive environmentsOo, Bee-lan
2023Modelling of high temperature methanol-fuelled solid oxide fuel cellsXu, Qidong
2022Modelling policy-driving forces for the uptake of modular integrated construction in Hong KongJin, Xin
2023Modelling productivity performance risks in modular integrated construction in Hong KongZhou, Xin
2019Modelling risks in the supply chains of prefabricated building projects in Hong KongLuo, Lizi
2023A multi-perspective analysis and strategies development of mitigating the housing problem in Hong Kong through adopting modular integrated construction to build transitional housesWang, Ying
2015A multi-perspective investigation of the motivational mechanisms underlying knowledge sharing and performanceCheng, Lan
2017A multi-scale decision support framework for sustainable urban renewal in high-density cities : a case of Hong KongZheng, Wei
2022A multi-scale multi-regional assessment of embodied CO2 emissions in China’s construction sectorOgungbile, Adedayo Johnson
2021Multidimensional analysis of labor cost performance in China’s regional construction industryLuo, Ming
2018A network-theory based model for stakeholder analysis in mega construction projectsMok, Ka Yan
2017A non-systematic factor awakens : the role of sentiment in the housing marketWang, Ziyou
2023A novel framework for automatic sidewalk defect monitoring with object detection and instance segmentationYussif, Abdul-mugis
2018Numerical modeling of direct carbon solid oxide cellsXu, Haoran
2016Numerical modeling of solid oxide fuel cellZheng, Keqing