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2002E-commerce application for construction material procurementKong, Chin-wang Stephen
2004E-union : a platform for communicating construction material information between E-commerce systemsHung, Pak-lun
2018Economic incentives of green buildings : focus study on the gross floor area concession schemeFan, Ke
2004The effect of experience in construction contract biddingFu, Wai-ki
2014The effect of networking on contractors' business competitivenessKeung, Chung Wai
2014The effect of using group decision support system (GDSS) on virtual value management workshops for major construction projectsYuan, Zhao
2009The effect of using group decision support systems on the processes and outcomes of value management studiesFan, Shichao
2011Effective and efficient briefing in public private partnership projects in the construction industryTang, Liyaning
1998Effective construction planning in Hong KongChan, Chun
2003Effective energy management during a building's life cycleBao, Qi
2019Effective urban nimby conflict management model from the perspective of public participation and government roleSun, Linlin
1999Effectiveness of design and build contract in Hong Kong : a client's perspectiveCheung, Shing-man Amos
2017Effects of corporate social responsibility fulfilment on the sustainability performance of the construction process : a China caseJiang, Weiyan
2002The effects of management skills on cost performance for refurbishment projects in Hong KongChow, Po-hee
2013The effects of monetary policies on real estate development financing in ChinaWei, Yigang
2002Efficiency study of housing subsidy system : a comparison between Hong Kong and the mainland ChinaSu, Yi
2002Elements for successful implementation of partnering in the Hong Kong constructionChow, C. H. Gary
2019An empirical investigation of the current application and future development of the safety management system (SMS) in the Hong Kong construction industryYiu, Sze Nga
2014An empirical study of partners' collaboration in construction joint venture (CJV) projects and its impacts on project performance in Hong KongHong, Yuming
2010An empirical study of the Pay for Safety Scheme (PFSS) for new public housing projects in Hong KongKo, Shun-wei