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20181,3-propanediol and caproate co-production through glycerol fermentation and carboxylate chain elongation in mixed cultureLeng, Ling
2014Accident analyses in Hong Kong : accident blackspot identification, casualty injury severity and before-after analysisYe, Daojun
2019Acid/base catalytic conversion of polysaccharide-rich food wasteChen, Si
2015Advanced analysis and design of axial compression members with high-strength steelLi, Tianji
2020Advanced analysis and design of steel structures with single angle membersAbdelrahman, Ahmed Hussain Ali
2018Advanced analysis and design of steel structures with tapered membersBai, Rui
2023Advanced oxidation of pharmaceuticals with peroxymonosulfate (PMS) activated by novel spinel-type oxides supported on porous clay mineralsYang, Xue
2023Advancing nanocomposite membranes for water treatment : mechanistic understanding of nanofiller incorporation and development of aerosol-assisted nanoengineering approachesWan, Zhishang
2024Advancing travel demand models : from individual choices to equilibrium analysis with mathematical programming methodsGu, Yu
2018Aerodynamic characteristics and optimal pitch control of high-solidity straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbinesPeng, Yixin
2023Aggregation behavior of nanomaterials in water : roles of material intrinsic property and engineered DNA surface coatingPeng, Bo
2019Aggregation kinetics of gold-DNA (Au-DNA) nanoparticles in aquatic environmentsDeng, Zhiying
2015Air pollution exposure and the health impact on school children in Asian citiesLee, Sin Hang
2018Ammonium transport and reduction in deionization cell integrated anaerobic treatment and solid oxide fuel cells as a net energy producerXu, Linji
2015Anaerobic fluidized-bed membrane bioreactor with greywater for water reuseTang, Lu
2020Analysis of pedestrian red light violation behavior at signalized crossing in Hong KongGuo, Wenzhuo
2020Analysis of stormwater harvesting and reuse in a residential communityHou, Yilin
2020Analysis on influencing factors of national quantified road safety targetsSong, Peng Lin
2022Application of biochar in sustainable cement-based compositesChen, Liang
2021Application of novel methods for the measurement of acidic ultrafine particles in the atmosphereLu, Haoxian