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2015Construction settlement monitoring and thermal actions monitoring of supertall structuresSu, Jiazhan
2014The control of airflow and acoustic energy for ventilation system in sustainable buildingWang, Zhihong
2020Corporate governance and top management fraud in construction companies: a China studyWang, Ran
2013Correlation between air pollution and metallic corrosionLiu, Bo
2017CO₂ curing of concrete blocks containing recycled aggregateZhan, Baojian
2014Crosswind effects on road vehicles moving on ground and long-span bridgesWang, Bin
2017Damage identification of civil structures via response reconstructionZhang, Chaodong
2022Data-driven modelling of soil properties and behaviours with geotechnical applicationsZhang, Pin
2016Debonding failure in FRP-strengthened RC beams : prediction and suppressionFu, Bing
2018Decentralized structural damage detection methods under earthquake and ambient excitationsNi, Pinghe
2022Deep learning empowered data anomaly detection for structural health monitoring systemsDu, Yao
2014Degradation of antibiotic norfloxacin by solar light/visible light-assisted oxidation processes in aqueous phaseChen, Meijuan
2020Degradation of antipyrine by peroxymonosulfate activated with nano zero-valent ironXiao, Fanjie
2019Degradation of propanil pesticide by pyrite-activated peroxymonosulfateLi, Tao
2014Degradation of refractory contaminants in water by chemical-free radicals generated by ultrasound and UV irradiationXu, Lijie
2012Degradation of synthetic organic compounds by sulfate- and hydroxyl radical-based advanced oxidation processesWang, Yuru
2016Degradation of triclosan in water by heterogeneous advanced oxidation process activated by magnetic nanoparticlesLin, Koon Yee
2019Design and optimization of drinking water supply utilityShende, Sachin Shankarrao
2018Design of urban rail corridor over time : for cities with high population densities and growth uncertaintiesLiu, Ding
2022Determination of the stiffness moduli and fatigue endurance limits of asphalt pavements for perpetual pavement designCheng, Huailei