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2021Heterogeneous chemistry of N₂O₅ and CINO₂ in China : implications for parameterizations, particulate nitrate formation, and impact on atmospheric oxidative capacityXia, Men
2022High-performance lightweight concrete with ultra high-performance binderLu, Jianxin
2024High-seismic-performance framed structures enabled by novel shape memory alloy elementsHuang, Jiahao
2022High-strength engineered cementitious composites incorporating artificial geopolymer fine aggregatesXu, Lingyu
2023Homogeneous and heterogeneous photodegradation of naphthalene and 1-naphthol in water by iron-catalystsSo, Hiu Lam
2014Hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular columns under static and cyclic loadingZhang, Bing
2018Hybrid model of neural network and population-based optimization algorithm for river flow and sediment loadChen, Xiaoyun
2016Hydraulic characteristics and plant-microorganism micro-ecosystem of sand-sludge soil (Eco-Soil) for anti-desertificationLiu, Yaohui
2020Hysteretic behaviour of S690 and S355 steel plates and S355 welded sections through cyclic actions on funnel-shaped couponsChen, Wei
2014The impact of 2000-2050 climate change on ozone and secondary organic aerosol in ChinaLiu, Qian
2012Impact of motor vehicles on roadside air quality in Hong KongCheng, Kwan Yuen
2018An improved modal strain energy method for bridge damage identificationMoradi Pour, Parviz
2016Improving neural network river forecasting with swarm-based optimization algorithmsTaormina, Riccardo
2018Improving the sustainability of passenger transportation systems : a spatial agent-based approachLu, Miaojia
2023In-plane behavior of BFRP grid reinforced geopolymer concrete sandwich wall panelsKumar, Sushil
2018Influence of metal ions on formation of silico-aluminophosphate geopolymerWang, Yanshuai
2021Influences of anisotropic spatial variation of soils and sampling strategy on slope reliability evaluationHuang, Lei
2014Integrated data analysis and characterization of photochemical ozone in subtropical Hong KongLing, Zhenhao
2022An integrated path flow estimator methodology for multi-modal transportation networksLi, Guoyuan
2016Integrated remediation of metal-contaminated soils : biodegradable chelant-enhanced extraction and in-situ stabilizationBeiyuan, Jingzi