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2017Magnetic negative stiffness damper and its application to stay cablesShi, Xiang
2015Measurement of nitrous acid (HONO) and the implications to photochemical pollutionZha, Qiaozhi
2017Measurement of nitryl chloride with a chemical ionization mass spectrometer in polluted China environment : investigation of its abundance, origin, and impact on oxidative chemistryTham, Yee Jun
2015Micro-macro mechanisms of cohesionless granular media : particle shape, fabric, crushing and loading pathsYang, Yi
2013Modal energy transfer of a curved beam as a damping mechanismHui, Chun Kam
2014Modeling activity and travel choice behaviour for land use and transport optimization problemsOuyang, Lianqun
2016Modeling of vegetated flows with uncertainty estimationBusari, Afis Olumide
2015Modeling the properties of concrete prepared with recycled aggregates derived from different sourcesDuan, Zhenhua
2015Modelling activity and travel choice behaviour : a network equilibrium approachFu, Xiao
2014Modelling individual and household activity : travel scheduling behaviours in stochastic transportation networksXiong, Yiliang
2015A modelling study of multiphase chemistry in cloud droplets and deliquescent particles in ChinaGuo, Jia
2012Multi-scale modelling of long-span bridges for health assessment in structural health monitoringYu, Yang
2015Multi-scale structure damage detection using wavelet finite element methodHe, Wenyu
2013Multi-sensing and multi-scale monitoring of long-span suspension bridgesZhang, Xiao-hua
2018Multiclass multilane traffic models and integrated optimal control strategies for freewaysPan, Tianlu
2014Multiple surface cracks coalescence mechanism in graniteYin, Peng
2016New and effective methods for production of cement-based photocatalytic materialsGuo, Mingzhi
2015Numerical simulation of ozone formation at different elevations in mountainous area of Hong Kong using WRF-CMAQ modelWang, Nan
2017Numerical studies on haze and photochemical smog pollution in China : toward a better understanding of their formation mechanismsZhang, Li
2019Omics-based characterization of anaerobic metabolism in methanogenic system and chain elongation processYang, Peixian