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2014Second-order design and advanced analysis of hybrid steel and concrete framed structuresLiu, Siwei
2016Seismic performance of FRP-confined RC columns : stress-strain models and numerical simulationLin, Guan
2014Seismic performance of reinforced concrete beam-column joints strengthened by ferrocement jacketsLi, Bo
2016Seismic-resisting self-centering structures with superelastic shape memory alloy damping devicesQiu, Canxing
2014Self-adaptive vision-based vehicle reidentification system for dynamic freeway travel time estimationWang, Jiankai
2017SHM-based condition assessment of bridges using gaussian process regressionLi, Ming
2015SHM-based seismic progressive collapse analysis of RC bridge structuresZheng, Yue
2018Simulation of dinitrogen pentoxide and nitryl chloride in China with the WRF-chem model : sources, abundance and roles in the formation of secondary air pollutantsLi, Qinyi
2015Simulation study on evolution of damage information in responses of a frame structureWang, Chengzhen
2014Statistical approach for activity-based model calibration based on plate scanning and traffic counts dataSiripirote, Treerapot
2015Statistical modelling of tyre/road noise for urban driving conditionsMak, Kai Long
2018Stochastic modeling and uncertainty investigation of unsteady open channel flowsChen, Keyue
2013Strengthening reinforced concrete columns by high performance ferrocementHo, Fung Yuen
2019Stress-level buffeting analysis of long-span cable-supported bridges with twin-box-deck under aerodynamic and aeroelastic pressuresTan, Zhongxu
2016Structural analysis of large scale darrieus type vertical axis wind turbines with monitoring and controlLin, Jinghua
2019Structural behaviour of octagonal concrete-filled steel tubular stub columns under uniaxial compressionZhu, Jiongyi
2013Structural behaviour of shear connection in composite structures under complex loading conditionsShen, Minhui
2014Structural condition assessment with incomplete noisy acceleration measurementsLiu, Kun
2017Structural effects of welding onto high strength S690 steel plates and welded sectionsLiu, Xiao
2019Structural performance of precast reinforced geopolymer concrete sandwich panels enabled by FRP connectorsHuang, Junqi