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2021Safety of professional drivers in Hong KongChen, Tiantian
2023Second-order analysis and design of flexible barrier system against rockfalls and debris flowsHe, Jianwei
2014Second-order design and advanced analysis of hybrid steel and concrete framed structuresLiu, Siwei
2023Second-order direct analysis for design of modern steel structures with nonsymmetric cross-sectionsChen, Liang
2016Seismic performance of FRP-confined RC columns : stress-strain models and numerical simulationLin, Guan
2014Seismic performance of reinforced concrete beam-column joints strengthened by ferrocement jacketsLi, Bo
2016Seismic-resisting self-centering structures with superelastic shape memory alloy damping devicesQiu, Canxing
2014Self-adaptive vision-based vehicle reidentification system for dynamic freeway travel time estimationWang, Jiankai
2020Self-centering timber beam to column connection with SMA boltsYi, Yunyi
2022Sensor location problems for estimation of origin-destination demands and travel times under uncertaintyFu, Hao
2017SHM-based condition assessment of bridges using gaussian process regressionLi, Ming
2019SHM-based seismic performance assessment for super high-rise buildings under long-period ground motionHu, Rongpan
2015SHM-based seismic progressive collapse analysis of RC bridge structuresZheng, Yue
2018Simulation of dinitrogen pentoxide and nitryl chloride in China with the WRF-chem model : sources, abundance and roles in the formation of secondary air pollutantsLi, Qinyi
2015Simulation study on evolution of damage information in responses of a frame structureWang, Chengzhen
2019Size effect and anisotropy in transversely isotropic rocksLi, Kaihui
2023Small strain stiffness of a compacted clay with different initial structures under cyclic thermo-hydro-mechanical loadsBentil, Obed Takyi
2024Soil nitrous acid emissions : mechanisms, impact factors, and their effects on air qualityWang, Yanan
2020Sparse bayesian learning approach for damage detection in a population of nominally identical structuresZhang, Qiuhu
2023Spatial failure mechanisms and performance analysis of coastal bridges under extreme wavesZhu, Deming