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2001New building design for reduction of traffic noise impactChung, Yuen-man
2010A new substructuring method for model updating of large-scale structuresWeng, Shun
2000Noise cancellation using piezoelectric actuators as control sourcesChong, Fan
1999Noise control for fan duct system using reactive silencerLeung, Ka-fung
1994Noise reduction using double wall enclosure techniqueNg, Ting-tung
2002Non-linear analysis of steel frames under non-proportional and fire loadsChan, Hiu-ming Benson
2007Non-methane hydrocarbon characteristics of motor vehicular emissions in the Pearl River Delta regionTsai, Wai-yan
1993Nondestructive damage detection in steel frame structuresArevalo, Aristides D
2000Nonlinear analysis of glazing system by finite element methodLaw, Yu-cheong
2009Nonlinear finite element analysis for design of plated structuresLiu, Yaopeng
2000Nonlinear, buckling and postbuckling analysis of shells of revolutionHong, Tao
2002Notional load versus geometrical imperfection approach for second-order elastic analysis of steel frameWang, Hak-pun William
2010Novel approaches for visible-light-induced photocatalysts : development, synthesis, characterization, and activitiesWu, Yifan
2009A novel biofiltration technology for odour treatmentTsang, Yiu-fai
2007Novel vegetated sequencing batch biofilm reactor for treating suburban domestic wastewaterChan, Shing-yan
2004Numerical analysis methods of complicated deformation : coupling method and manifold methodZhang, Yonghui
2002Numerical analysis of negative skin friction on pilesLo, Ho-yin Jeffrey
1999Numerical and analytical solutions for consolidation analysis of soils without and with vertical drainsZhu, Guofu
2012Numerical and experimental studies of flows in open-channels with gravel and vegetation roughnessesZeng, Cheng
2006Numerical modelling of wave-current induced turbidity maximum in the Pearl River estuaryWang, Chonghao