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2019Learning representations for discovering patterns in networksHu, Pengwei
2014Learning representations with information on handJiang, Wenhao
2021Learning robust visual-semantic mapping for zero-shot learningGuo, Jingcai
2018Learning sparse graphical models for data restoration and multi-label classificationLi, Qiang
2021Learning to evaluate and enhance image qualityZeng, Hui
2017Legal awareness of consumers in using stored value facilities : the Hong Kong contextNg, Kwok Fai Martin
2022Less-constrained iris recognition using convolutional neural network for accurate personal identificationWang, Kuo
2021Leveraging deep representations in layered neural networks for domain adaptationMao, Sitong
2021Leveraging graph neural network and meta learning for user cold-start recommendationShu, Honglin
2020Link prediction in microrna-mediated biomolecular networksHuang, Yuan
2013Live video identification and transmission over wireless networkYuan, Yin
2009Localized generalization error bound for multiple classifier systemChan, Pak-kei Patrick
2006Localized generalization error model and its applications to supervised pattern classification problemsNg, Wing-yin
2011Localized generalization error model with variable size of neighborhoods and applications in ensemble feature selectionChan, Po-fong
2019A low cost solution for RFID sensingWang, Yanwen
2021Machine learning assisted software defect predictionXu, Zhou
2019Machine reading comprehension with deep neural networksWu, Zongheng
2022Machine-aided online user engagementsLu, Zexin
2013Making the most of bits : efficient protocols for monitoring large RFID systemsBu, Kai
2013The management practice of enterprise informationCheng, Hongchi