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2017Towards an initial understanding of the fixing power of object-oriented automated program repairChen, Liushan
2018Towards efficient analytic query processing in main-memory column-storesXu, Wenjian
2018Towards least-constrained human identification by recognizing iris and periocular at-a-distanceZhao, Zijing
2012Towards migrating user applications to the cloudLai, Kunfeng
2001Towards mobile agents and ontology for information retrievalMak, Kai-wing
2014Towards more trustworthy trust-based systems for anonymity and web securityZhou, Peng
2013Towards safe usage of COTS wireless devices in medical settings : a profiling - policing framework for WBAN against WiFi interferenceWang, Yufei
2018Towards self-tuning parameter serversLiu, Chun Yin
2001Towards strategic agents for auctions and negotiationsChoi, Chung-yu Kenneth
1992Towards the age of the network organization : the impact of computing and telecommunications technologies in the formulation of strategic information systems (with a study on the trading firms in Hong Kong)Li, Christina Wai-fong
2011Towards understanding, improving and securing BitTorrent protocol and systemLuo, Jiaqing
2016Towards unpacking Android appsYin, Haoyang
1998A trading system for stock selection using neural networkTse, Ah-shan
2019Traffic state prediction using deep learning methodsZhang, Pingcheng
2000Transaction processing in an asymmetric mobile environmentMok, Siu-yu Eppie
2007Two classes of novel TCP exploits and the countermeasuresLuo, Xiapu
2001Unbounded character representationLi, Wai-chiu
2017Understanding human comprehension and attention in readingLi, Jiajia
2019Understanding human intention via non-intrusive capturing of interaction and body signalsFu, Yujun
2018Understanding user engagement level during tasks via facial responses, eye gaze and mouse movementsKwok, Cho Ki