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2010An accurate and robust indoor localization systemChan, Chun-lun Eddie
2014Accurate iris recognition at-a-distance and under less constrained environmentsTan, Chun Wei
2010Acquisition of domain concepts and ontology constructionCui, Gaoying
2008Active loss pair measurementFok, Wai-ting
2016Activity recognition for health care and individual safety using wireless technologies and smartphonesWen, Jiaqi
2017Adaptive data management for cloud-based wireless mesh networksYang, Shengtao
2008Adaptive dynamic game balancing based on data mining of sequential patternsChiu, Suk-yi Kitty
2007Adaptive methods for tropical cyclone prediction from time-series satellite dataFeng, Bo
2011Adaptive mobile GIS and applicationsShea, Yu-kai Geoffrey
2011Adaptive traffic light control in wireless sensor network-based Intelligent Transportation SystemZhou, Binbin
2020Addressing new challenges in public-key cryptographyYu, Zuoxia
2000The adoption of Internet banking by retail customers in Hong KongLi, Siu-wai
2010Adoption of JDF in printing industryWong, Chi-wai
2023Advancements in public-key cryptography : crafting novel constructions to address emerging demandsGong, Borui
2002Agent framework for software quality assurancePoon, Connie
2007Agent-based airfreight planning system for IATA-compliant containers with bin packing heuristics and a genetic algorithmCheng, Greenie
2000An agent-based approach for information filtering over the InternetWong, Pui-tak
2000An agent-based framework for electronic commerceLo, Chi-man
2000An agent-based information brokering system to bolster electronic commerceChan, Yau-choi Raymond
2008Agent-based model personalized learning support system for programming (PLESS)Chiu, Kin-fung