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2018Improving balance and gait using biomechanical and electronic approachesMa, Zonghao
2021In situ mechanical and electrical testing of piezoresistive nanomaterialsRan, Sijia
1995In-depth investigation of conventional power system stabilizer (PSS) design by modal analysisYim, Wai-hung
2020Innovative control of bidirectional converters with wide load range in microgrid applicationXu, Wenzheng
2001Integrated resources planning incorporated with sustainable renewable energy sources and illustrative case study in Hong KongPang, Ching-fung
2001An intelligent alarm system for fault diagnosis of a steam-powered generating unitLee, Chun-leung
2001Intelligent control for an induction motorShi, Keli
2001Intelligent protection coordination systemSo, Chun-wing Paul
2006Interference of railway 25 kV AC traction power systems and use of optical sensors for train detectionLi, Kang-kuen
2000Interrogation of fiber Bragg grating sensors with a tunable laser sourceChan, Chi-chiu Julian
2009Interruptible load management in deregulated power systemsWu, Guoyue
2003Intra-cavity gas detection using Er-doped fiber lasersZhang, Min
2003An investigation of AC corona in air and sulphur hexafluoride/nitrogen mixturesZhang, Chaohai
2002Investigation of corona discharges and electrical breakdown in sulphur-hexafluoride/nitrogen mixturesWong, Ka-ming
2014Investigation of high frequency DC to AC conversion and control techniques for high frequency power distributionLiu, Junfeng
2015Investigation of load side power conversion for high frequency AC distribution systemsXu, Cuidong
2009Investigation of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in dynamic settingsZhang, Xinzheng
2001Investigation of spark breakdown paths in air by using an image processing techniqueQiu, Dehong
2010Investigation on the use of GPGPU for fast sparse matrix factorizationTian, Ye
2001Investigations into the use of energy storage in power system applicationsLeung, Ka-kit