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2018A large-scale concentrated photovoltaic power generation with an auto solar tracking systemLi, Siyang
2010Large-scale integration of wind power generation on power system planningZhang, Yutong
2019A linear approximation of unified branch flow for reactive power optimization with wind turbinesLi, Qing
2014Linear regression position estimation methods for switched reluctance motorsChang, Yan Tai
1998Magnetic field analysis on 220KV outdoor switching stationHo, Suk-kau Tenly
2019Magnetic harmonic gear investigationLam, Wai Kit
2011Magnetic levitation based on switched reluctance actuatorSun, Zhengang
2018Magnetic topology analysis of the switched reluctance motor for torque improvementZhu, Jingwei
2018Magnetoelectric sensors based on magnetic field gradient techniqueZhang, Mingji
2012Magnetoelectric smart current sensors for wireless condition monitoring applicationsLeung, Chung Ming
2021Mechanisms of phase transformations in aluminum anodes for lithium-based batteriesZheng, Tianye
2006A methodology for tunnel availability assessmentWong, Lai-wah Clement
2019Microelectrode pH sensors based on micropatterned silver nanowire/PAA hydrogel compositeXiong, Feng
2014Miniature fiber-tip Fabry-Perot interferometric sensors for pressure and acoustic detectionMa, Jun
2022Mn-based prussian blue cathode materials for sodium-ion batteriesLi, Ying
2021Modal resonance mechanism investigation and mitigation in power systems integrated with full converter-based wind power generationLuo, Jianqiang
2013Modeling and design of wireless magnetic-resonant power transfer system for a deep brain stimulation deviceZhang, Xiu
2022Modeling and simulation of microgrid integrated with wind and solar power generationWang, Weize
1995Modelling and formulation of cost-based reliability and outage cost of alocalized distribution power systemYim, Yin-kow
2004Modelling and power factor improvement of switched reluctance motor drivesXue, Xiangdang