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1995Time-domain simulation of switching-mode power supply in class E configurationLau, Mun-kwan
2018Topologies and control of single-stage AC-DC wireless-power-transfer resonant converters with power-factor-correctionLiu, Junwei
2023Topology optimization of electric motors based on finite element computationWu, Huihuan
2015Topology oriented security and vulnerability analysis in power systemsJia, Youwei
2020Towards enabling shape memory ceramics : considerations for stress concentration optimisation through additive manufacturingRaut, Virag Sanatan
1998Train wheel profile wearing analysis by machine visionLam, Chun-man
1995Transient analysis of soft-switching converters by continuous monitoring of switchesLo, Cheuk-fan
2015Transient stability constrained optimal power flow with renewable energy uncertaintiesXia, Shiwei
2008Transient stability-constrained optimal power flow using improved differential evolution and parallel computingCai, Huarong
2011Transmission expansion planning in an electricity market environmentJin, Qibo
2008Transmission pricing scheme for open electricity marketSang, Zixia
2001Trouble call system in power utilityWong, Hin Wah
2022TSPM-CNN based power system transient stability analysis using a new data extraction methodZhou, Jiaqi
2017Tunable mode-locked fiber lasers with optical fiber grating devicesWang, Jie
2020Ultrasonic transducers for acoustic vortex tweezing applicationZhang, Qi
2015Uncertainty analysis, modelling and prognosis for power system operation and planningWan, Can
2010Utilization and optimization for particle filtering multi-robot SLAMZhong, Junpei
2011Vector control of induction motor based on DSPFang, Jianmin
2000Voltage control using a combined linear programming and rule-based approachWu, Ming-fai
2008Voltage stability analysis based on probability theoryZhang, Jianfen