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2000Implementation of speech coding technique in MPEG/audio codingCheung, Sai-hang
2012An improved algorithm for producing scalable color quantized imagesChen, Zhengtong
2007Improved discrete multiwavelet transform for vector-based image codingShum, Yu-hing
2010An improved particle swarm optimization algorithm and its applicationsYeung, Chun-wan
2002Improved queuing algorithms in QoS enabled Internet nodeWong, Matthew Yun-lam
2004Improvement on location-based service over cellular networkFan, Sheong Ken
2002Improving video coding performance by jointly optimizing both compression and blocking effect eliminationCheung, Wan-fung
2016In situ programmable SoC design space explorationXu, Siyuan
2000Indoor design template for antenna planning in indoor applicationFung, Chu-kin
2020Indoor positioning based on channel frequency response and machine learningYang, Guang
2014Inductive power transfer system and its applicationZhang, Wei
2009Innovative use of building reinforced steel bars to transmit signals within a buildingChan, Kam-tong Jason
2020Instance-based source camera identification for small size images using deep learning-based techniquesAnimasahun, Idowu Oluwaseun
1999Integrated network management system for international networkAu-Yeung, Kai-chi Leo
2004Integrated on-chip inductors for radio frequency CMOS circuitsTsui, Chiu
2022Intelligent algorithms enabled optical network monitoring and optimizationLuo, Huaijian
2015Intelligent hough transform for object detection and trackingNg, Chiu Shing
2022Intelligent reflecting surface aided wireless communicationsLiu, Shiqian
2002Intelligent techniques for home electric load forecasting and balancingLing, Sai-ho
2002Interactive functions in broadcast video-on-demandMa, Hon-shing