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2016Analysis, design, and applications of switched-capacitor convertersCheung, Chun Kit
2017Analytical derivation of lower bounds of the estimation error of statistically unbiased estimation of electromagnetic/acoustic wireless signal parametersKitavi, Dominic Makaa
2002Application of duality principle to power-factor-correction convertersLau, Kwok-hung
2023Application of neural networks and image processing techniques in distributed optical fiber sensor systemsWang, Biwei
2012Applications of complex network scienceLiu, Xiaofan
2020The applications of deep learning in automatic ECG classificationXu, Shensheng
2020The applications of deep learning in BOTDA sensing systemLai, Ho Yin Koey
2018The applications of deep learning in robust speaker recognitionTan, Zhili
2018Applications of fiber-optic communication techniques in brillouin scattering based distributed optical fiber sensing systemsGuo, Nan
2017Applications of halftoning techniques in 3d profilometry and reversible color-to-grayscale conversionXu, Zi-xin
2019The applications of semiconductor optical devices for ultra-fast passive optical networksLuo, Yazhi
2009An approach to multiple DNA sequences compressionWu, Choi-ping Paula
2018An array of directional sensors (cardioid sensors or figure-8 sensors), diversely orientated but spatially collocated : their beam-patternsNnonyelu, Chibuzo Joseph
2008Articulatory-feature based pronunciation modelling for high-level speaker verificationZhang, Shixiong
2021Artificial intelligence-based anomaly detection for the efficient management and security of the future cellular networksHussain, Bilal
1999ASYNMPU : a fully asynchronous microprocessorTse, Ming-chi Jamin
2007Attention-driven image interpretation, annotation and retrievalFu, Hong
2009Attention-driven image pre-classification and retrievalTang, Yu
2000Automated form readingChu, Kim-ching
2014Autonomous FPGA-based gaming consoleLi, Yu