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2021Person re-identification with deep learningLi, Jiaying
2018Phenomenological modeling of circular arrays of dipole-antennasKhan, Mohammad Asaduzzaman
2018Phenomenological modeling of the mutual impedance among wire antennasArada, Gerald Pacaba
2021Photo inpainting with GAN modelsChen, Shengyang
2020Portable spectrometer based on transmission grating systemHuang, Qingxin
2005Power distribution and efficiency analysis of quasi-resonant converters using regulated unified modelChoi, Che-tat
2004Precise specification of design patterns and compound patternsMak, Ka-hing
2005Prediction of Hang Sang Index (HSI) blue chips : a neural network approachChung, Suet-lam Felix
2022Privacy-preserving query processing based on trusted execution environment and access pattern obfuscation technologiesHan, Ziyang
2018PRNU-based multi-scale analysis for tampering detectionJiang, Hao
2006Producing watermarked halftones with multiscale error diffusionYung, Oi-yan
2014Protein subcellular localization : gene ontology based machine learning approachesWan, Shibiao
2021Protograph-based low-density parity-check hadamard codesZhang, Pengwei
2005A proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) model for use in power electronicsLee, Ho-chun Jerome
2017Providing robust and cost-effective large-scale video-on-demand services in networksSze, Kwok Tung
2005Proxy servers for Internet multimedia streamingCheuk, Wai-kong
2022A pruning method for multi-exit neural networks based on the genetic algorithmChen, Jizhou
2012A pseudo two-dimensional two-phase proton exchange membrane fuel cell model and its applications for water management studyWong, Ka-hung
2021Quality enhancement for compressed screen content video using post processing algorithms with deep learningCao, Yue
2021Quality of transmission estimation and parameter monitoring techniques for next-generation optical networksLu, Jianing