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2018Applications of fiber-optic communication techniques in brillouin scattering based distributed optical fiber sensing systemsGuo, Nan
2017Applications of halftoning techniques in 3d profilometry and reversible color-to-grayscale conversionXu, Zi-xin
2019The applications of semiconductor optical devices for ultra-fast passive optical networksLuo, Yazhi
2009An approach to multiple DNA sequences compressionWu, Choi-ping Paula
2018An array of directional sensors (cardioid sensors or figure-8 sensors), diversely orientated but spatially collocated : their beam-patternsNnonyelu, Chibuzo Joseph
2008Articulatory-feature based pronunciation modelling for high-level speaker verificationZhang, Shixiong
2021Artificial intelligence-based anomaly detection for the efficient management and security of the future cellular networksHussain, Bilal
1999ASYNMPU : a fully asynchronous microprocessorTse, Ming-chi Jamin
2007Attention-driven image interpretation, annotation and retrievalFu, Hong
2009Attention-driven image pre-classification and retrievalTang, Yu
2000Automated form readingChu, Kim-ching
2014Autonomous FPGA-based gaming consoleLi, Yu
2000Background separation and mosaic of video sequenceChau, Hin-ling
2021Ballistocardiogram measurements using optical fiber sensor based on Mach-Zehnder interferometersSun, Xueqi
2000Bandwidth allocation algorithms in ATM networksLaw, Man-man
2018Basic research in wireless inductive power transferHuang, Zhicong
2003Behaviors of digital filters with two's complement arithmeticLing, Wing-kuen
2011BER degradation of the PSK/QAM/OFDM modulations due to microscopic fadingDong, Yue
2013Bifurcation analysis of three-phase grid-connected convertersHuang, Meng
2013Bit-error rate performance of the Song-Fung-Wong-Meng-Tseng scheme of block-based single-carrier wireless transceiver architecture under channel mis-matchYung, Chin Lung